Part of a successful user/customer experience and deployment is making sure the entire business ecosystem is integrated to support the design architecture.  Here I am helping multiple business Caterpillar senior stakeholders identify opportunities in a sales cycle CRM through research strategy diagraming.

What is your biggest gap in customer expectations? Customer experiences (CX) have become a new battleground for companies, with increased opportunities in this changing economy. With certifications in organizational CX transformation, I bring two decades of successful executive buy-in from a collaborative, metric led strategy - including service design with United Airlines, Marriott, Wells Fargo, and Samsung.  With a passion for continuous feedback, I bridge agency marketing with fourteen years of collaborative, product strategy within digital transformation pursuits.
I thrive blueprinting enterprise end-to-end experiences with customer research, quant. metrics and collaborative workshops. This includes mapping business strategy intelligence to customer journey gaps and ROI metrics. The results deliver rich digital experiences aligned to business OKR/KPI measurements.
"This (Caterpillar) was a pioneering and complex effort…the CRM work to fundamentally change how we develop the strategies and design around delivering CRM.  I was impressed by the passion, proactive engagement, creativity in developing the integrated methodology that Josh brought forward. Furthermore, Josh did an excellent job in collaborating with Caterpillar to socialize and gain buy-in on the outcomes.
Lastly, Josh is instrumental in converting this to a new way of doing business as we shift the development of technology platforms that are business and customer focused by integrating creativity into the traditional way we do this work. The intent is to institutionalize this work going forward. We are already starting to engage at Marriott for the $7M work we just sold by leveraging this engagement."
- N. Jain, Managing Director, Accenture Strategy
Portfolio Outline Primer:
1. United Airlines Product Strategy
Within the three years at United Airlines' Operations IT team, I sunset several mis-aligned external design teams while building the first internal operations user experience team.  This team evolved as I fostered greater understanding of design value within the organization.  I expanded the team from a design delivery team to a strategic research team with service and design thinking methodologies including three workshops focused around "listening," "thinking," and "doing" activities.
2. United Airlines Customer Resolution App
United Airlines experienced turbulent media coverage that raised a complete customer experience heuristic.  The company learned that customer expectations evolved beyond being on-time, to expecting prompt resolutions regardless of FAA, DOT, organizational policies, and technical or data infrastructure limitations.  This timeline allowed only three months for the native iOS application to be deployed to stations world-wide before the holiday travel code freeze.
3. Caterpillar Sales CRM Integration Strategy
The Caterpillar project completely transformed how Accenture approaches CRM design. I lead a team to evaluate current state CRM gaps and solution with stakeholders a future-state integrated CRM sales experience. The storyboard roadmap delivery included complex business vertical alignment to integrate a cohesive go-to-market strategy with dealers for build requirements and phased build-out.

4. Marriott Agent Experience Delivery
The Marriott project both articulated a future-state agent concierge vision to advance customer service initiatives as well as deliver a pragmatic design for first phase release. The design delivery included integrating a custom and OOTB Salesforce CRM for reservation, customer care and loyalty agents for a single cohesive experience.

5. Illinois Tollway Customer Account Redesign Delivery
The Tollway responsive redesign project identified current customer conflicts to support the mobile traveler with overly simple progressive guidance for broad audiences to quickly comprehend and adjust account health issues. The design delivery for development release included simplification of complex regulatory requirements for easier customer resolutions and reduced call center support.

6. T-Mobile Unified POS Architecture Delivery
The T-Mobile “Rebellion” project was the first of it’s kind to integrate customer, store point-of-sale and customer care site to a single, responsive design site. The design delivery included unifying complex architectures and design patterns to create a cohesive experience for customers, store associates and customer support representatives.

7. Samsung Site Brand Experience Strategy
In early 2013, Samsung approached us to evaluate their current (static) site to be overhauled for responsive redesign (as today). We delivered three strategic qualitative and quantitative design research recommendations for e-Commerce, support and responsive design strategies that they used to build out their now current site. The recommendations include everything from brand awareness, marketing analysis, usability and content strategy guidelines.

8. Duke Energy Experience Integration Delivery
Duke Energy asked us to overhaul and integrate two website experiences (acquisition) and deliver a single cohesive site with customer-centric goals and business initiatives. We delivered re-aligned content strategy in services and products with highly complex regulated and non-regulated demands for each state/municipality they served.

9. Responsive Experience Strategy
Dow approached us for a strategy to overhaul their entire corporate site be responsive with actionable guidance for multiple stakeholder ownerships across their portfolio of products and services. We delivered from extensive user research design recommendations and best practices using brand recognition studies, heuristics and best-in-class trends for final art-of-the-possible design compositions.

10. CenterPoint Experience Delivery
After initially approaching us to write site design RFP requirements with user-centric personas and foundational UX principles, we won the contract to research and designed a responsive site across a deeply complex business with multiple state/regional regulations. We delivered qualitative and quantitative research, user-centric goal architecture, wireframe and design standards/templates for over 1,100 responsive design pages.

11. Merck IT Responsive Design Strategy
Merck IT needed awareness with solutions as to why employees never used the company device procurement site that required days to process tickets. We delivered a highly refined procurement process with visibility and responsive design solutions for their new IT site that significantly improved IT’s reputation by employees and contractors as well as corporate brand reflection by new employees.

12. Prudential Intelligent Solver Architecture Delivery
With no stakeholder alignment at kick-off, Prudential asked us to integrate and solution 30+ marketing/vanity sites into a unified site architecture and content rich experience using customer driven research. We delivered a unified architecture and content strategy including “north star” research for interaction and visual design for phased release development roll-out.
Recent CX/UX Team Leadership Achievements:
• CRM Strategy:  2.8M global, multiple BU SFDC integration strategy major construction/power gen.
• SFDC Customer Experience:  1.9M global agent app design (42M users); largest global hospitality
• PLM Change management:  Negotiated 30M change mgmt. analysis; global equipment supplier
• Delivery:  E2E Architecture for global 2.7M Financial Insurer across multiple corporate verticals
• Customer Care:  2.7M B2C call-center sales and management redesign; major NA insurance
• Architecture Integration:  E2E 3.2M site architecture for multi-state content; major NA utility merger
• Customer Account:  3.7M tollway customer account (16M users) redesign; strategy to design deliver
• Business Alignment:  720K customer procurement strategy experience of a global chemical corp.
• Order Management: 620K global steel B2B SFDC with complex production, delivery schedules
• E-Commerce:  complex 2.8M e-comm. site redesign spanning research to delivery; global steel co.
• CX Integration: Unified 3.8M IA/CS, UI patterns across integrated web/in-store P.O.S.; global telecom
• Leadership:  major 1.2M pharma business employee portal, complex research and data visualization
Global 100 Industry Delivered Solutions:
Financial Services · Hospitality/Travel · Insurance · Energy · Utilities · Consumer Products · Manufacturing · Telecommunications · Pharma/Biotechnology · Government · Retail · Information Technology
Proven Customer/User Experience methods:
Business/Stakeholder Interviews · Business Strategy Planning · User Research Quant/Qual · Information Architecture · Card Sorting · Service Design Research · Service Design Blueprints · Task Flows · User Stories · User Journeys · Business Case Studies · Art of Possible · Best Practices · Sketching · Rapid Prototyping · Wireframing · Visual Design Ideation · Pattern Libraries · User Testing/ Validation · Visual Design · Requirements Mapping · Annotated Wireframing · Pattern/UI Specifications
Agile Project Management: 
Responsive Design · HTML5 · CSS3 · JS/Javascript · Mobile · Salesforce/ CRM · CMS · Pattern Libraries · UAT · Mobile · Wearables · Rapid Prototyping · QA · Usability W3C · A/B Testing
Advanced Toolset Expertise:
Adobe Creative Suite: Photoshop · Dreamweaver · Illustrator · Muse · After Effects · InDesign · Axure · Omnigraffle · InVision · MS Office: Word/Excel/Powerpoint · Visio · Project Pro Android/ Eclipse and iOS (iPhone, iPad) Xcode UI Pattern Frameworks · Windows · Apple OSX · Google Docs · 3D Sketchup · Lego Serious Play (Project Discovery/Planning) · Optimal Sort

Analytics: Google Adwords, Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, Streaming Media
Service Design:  Makeshop 3D Print · VR/Zero UI · Arduino Makeshop Automation / SmartThings / IoT
Strategic, Design Delivery:
     •  Marriott
     •  Samsung
     •  Caterpillar
     •  Dow Chemical
     •  Exxon Mobile
     •  T-Mobile
     •  HP
     •  Prudential
     •  Telstra
     •  Travelers Insurance
     •  Gerdau
     •  Illinois Tollway
     •  First Data/Citibank
     •  Merck IT
     •  Merck A&R Research
     •  Duke Energy
     •  CenterPoint Energy Site
     •  CenterPoint Energy Customer Support
     •  US Mint
     •  PNNL
     •  State Farm
     •  Luxottica/Lenscrafters In-Store P.O.S.
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