Challenge:  United Airlines experienced turbulent media coverage that raised a complete customer experience heuristic.  The company learned that customer expectations evolved beyond being on-time, to expecting prompt resolutions regardless of FAA, DOT, organizational policies, and technical or data infrastructure limitations.  This timeline allowed only three months for the native iOS application to be deployed to stations world-wide before the holiday travel code freeze.
Role: Product Experience Manager
Excepts from the qualitative research analysis:
Pivot:  Further qualitative findings with the field agents found that regardless of how fluid the application is architected, they would avoid it due to corporate policies that focused on operational effectiveness over customer experience.
Our research helped better shape the effort to prioritize the company ethos moving forward that would allow for greater adoption of the application through a program now know as Core4.  A link to this discussion can be found below:
After rapid sprint ideation, designs and flow evolved articulated from field agent feedback that was documented out of Sketch for business to review changes and provide feedback.
Deliverable: Pixel-perfect sketch design deliverables with asset library 
The final designs of the application were delivered in four weeks in time for development and QA to complete and deploy two months later.  United was the first airlines to deploy compensation in real-time to customers including food voucher, financial or loyalty points. 
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