Challenge:  Every year United Airlines holds an event that discusses various business objectives and forward thought leadership communication convergence of customer experience and technology innovation.  My team was tasked to come up with several creative proposals.  One of the winning ideas was to design two parallax sites that attendees could share with co-workers as a catalyst for excitement.   
Our team looked to envision the future agent day-in-the-life.
"How Empathy and Innovation Elevates Above-the-Wing"
Our most pressing challenge that required my oversight was that we had three weeks within a very limited budget.  This project could not disrupt current project timelines or deliverables as the team was already stretched.  I hired a freelance illustrator to work on layered frames while the design team leveraged Adobe Muse to create the parallax animations.
     1.   Stakeholder pitch ideation session (topical and format)
     2.  Finalize proposals
     3.  Sketch subject matter goals into each frames
     4.  On-board illustrator
     5.  Review B&W sketches, pivot
     6.  Begin laying in animation to parallax sites, content/captions
     7.  Finalize illustrations
     8.  Finalize content strategy
     9.  Finalize animation keyframes in parallax sites
     10. Quality Assurance Delivery
     11.  Publish
Example of notes to illustrator and design team below:
Deliverable:  Two parallax sites developed in Adobe Muse and hosted on Adobe Business Catalyst (no longer live due to Adobe's decision to eliminate the service).  
Below are videos that capture the scrolling action of the website.
Irregular Operations Day-in-the-Life Parallax Site
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