Challenge:  Integrating three verticals of customer website, in-store point-of-sale and customer care required significant and iterative design reviews with the client on a daily basis with various stakeholders. Delegation of roles and context of client feedback was critical in maintaining site consistency in interaction patterns. I identified early on the need for a site-wide architecture design that had until that point, been segmented by various product owners with non-transparent knowledge and fragmented decision making among requirements and agile teams.
ii. Role: Architecture and Patterns Lead
Role: Architecture, Patterns and Customer Account Interaction Design Lead
     1. Stakeholder Interviews
     2. Research Analysis
     3. Best Interaction Design Practices
     4. Daily Client Stand-ups & Scrum meetings
     5. Pattern Library framework and responsive design templates
     6. Competitive Analysis
     7. Axure/Interaction Design widget library standarization
     8. Agile/Rapid Prototyping
     9. Design/Interaction Pattern Reviews
     10. Information Architecture Audit
     11. Site Map and user flows
     12. User Story Assessment
     13. Pattern Library Client Reviews
     14. Pattern Library/Design Audit with recommendations report
     15. Finalize Architecture and Pattern Library Document
     16. Socialize across business, UX and development teams
"Josh was very helpful in driving the “Rebellion” project forward. He joined initially to drive the account and landing pages forward, then identified and moved into IA and lead on finalizing an audit on patterns. Josh was able to immediately jump in and contribute on the landing pages, took a firm leadership and ownership for IA and creation for the sitemap. 
The sitemap and patterns were a key deliverable and contribution we needed to move forward with the client. He shared a very positive attitude and sought various ways to collaborate with larger UX teams."
- P. Baaske, Senior Director, Fjord
Delivered:  Both a single unified site architecture and user flows as well as a +90 page design pattern library/guideline book for various agile product and development teams to use in parallel for design standards. Also delivered was a complete site-wide (50+ pages) inventory and design audit of design pattern mis-alignment and approved design exceptions for interaction, design and front-end development teams to resolve.  This allowed the client to understand and make consistent decisions from the relationships in patterns with structural and atomic design principles. Lastly, interaction designs were finalized for the customer account segment before I rolled off the project.
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