I utilize workshops methods that bridge business verticals including product development, sales, marketing and IT to share out business and customer research analysis. The workshops have specific outcomes including validating existing research as well as strategic deliverables to drive project outcomes.
Challenge: Global acquired business units, non-aligned product verticals and non-standardized dealer operations created complex organizational sales cycle awareness with role ownership discrepancies across the sales cycle. This has accelerated fragmented CRM databases that lead missed customer awareness, incorrect product design and service scheduling.
Role: Service/Business Design Lead
     1. Global interviews/research (52)
     2. Affinity diagraming
     3. Sales Phase Analysis
     4. Organizational mapping/ role diagraming
     5. Gap Analysis
     6. Empathy role playing workshop
     7. Stakeholder Workshop/Rumble
     8. Epic User Stories
     9. Final Stakeholder socialization (3 share-outs)
     1. Delivered on timeline and on budget
     2. Joint project with Accenture Custom UI Dev team and Salesforce Development teams
     3. Funded and ran by IT, but serving business units
     4. Total: $760K
          a. 14 weeks, 3 FTE
          b. 1 BD, 1 Lead, 1PM

Client workshop concludes with various stakeholder teams sociallizing among the group either customer, dealer and caterpillar ideas on solutions to define an ideal sales cycle.
"This was a pioneering and complex effort... of the CRM work to fundamentally change how we develop the strategies and design around delivering CRM work powered by salesforce. The engagement involved leveraging service design methodology but also integrate outputs of the effort with the process Accenture typically uses to develop and configure the salesforce platform.

Josh led the Fjord engagement and worked closely with the Sales and Marketing leaders of two of the largest business units within Caterpillar and with the Accenture team focusing on the business design. I was impressed by the passion, proactive engagement, creativity in developing the integrated methodology that Josh brought forward. Furthermore, Josh did an excellent job in collaborating with Caterpillar to socialize and gain buy-in on the outcomes.

Lastly, Josh is instrumental in converting this to a new way of doing business as we shift the development of technology platforms that are business and customer focused by integrating creativity into the traditional way we do this work. The intent is to institutionalize this work going forward.  We are already starting to engage at Marriott for the $7M work we just sold by leveraging this engagement."
- N. Jain, Managing Director, Accenture Strategy
Deliverable: CRM Sales Lifecycle “Storyboard”
This Storyboard is a culmination of 53 Caterpillar participants across various business units to identify a future CRM opportunity management system. The research is shaped by best-in-class practices in business design, user experience and CRM trends from both Accenture Strategy and FJORD. This assessment includes evaluation of the as-is CRM system to design end-state business processes driving the ideal CRM experience. The Storyboard creates a dialog for cross-Caterpillar teams to evaluate larger opportunities for a CRM to facilitate future state collaboration to create an ideal experience for Caterpillar, Dealer and End Customer. In addition, the storyboard allows for scalable adoption to variances based on different sales models and geographic business processes.
     •  Sample deliverable below - Research Preface & Storyboard
     •  Delivered in-scope and on-budget
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