Challenge: Client’s utility reach included six states with various regulatory policies in both residential and business (non-residential) sectors. They had acquired and merged another utility business and at the time had two web sites with fragmented content and structure. Customers were commonly confused by regulated and non-regulated content within state/municipal regions. There was also significant confusion between the sites on product availability and marketing offers available to them. Product offering were highly confusing in the business sector of their website since small business and larger enterprises had no structure to the various business goals.
Role: Lead Experience Architect
     1. Stakeholder Interviews
     2. Personas
     3. Content Audit
     4. Marketing and Metrics Audit
     5. Card Sort prep, polling
     6. Card Sort Quantitative Analysis
     7. Site Map (Preliminary IA) and stakeholder socialization
     8. Wireframes with stakeholder alignment
     9. Navigation Models and feedback
     10. Finalize Site Map
     11. Finalize Wireframes and socialize
“From the outset, Josh took charge of the engagement, developed a positive and collaborative relationship with the main client and business stakeholders. He was able to independently set the tone and cadence of the project; establishing and adhering to a detailed project plan that included user research and analysis (card sort) and Site Map development.

He demonstrated a mastery of the client issues that needed to be solved as well as a mastery of the methodologies, tools and protocols that were required to deliver. Josh was able to keep the project on task, on budget and deliver high quality output that delighted the client and allowed them to move forward with their redesign effort.

Josh was instrumental in putting together and leading stakeholder meetings that were essential to moving the project forward. He demonstrated a strong understanding of the UX material and was able to act like a true SME during this engagement. His recommendations and guidance were readily accepted by the client and met with satisfaction. With a brief project window, Josh was able to make a tremendous impact on the client. It was a pleasure working with Josh and I would do so again in a heartbeat.”

- S. Santos, Group Design Director, Fjord
Delivered:  Upon leveraging significant qualitative and quantitative customer research across various states, a unified architecture was created based that aligned to how customers and businesses navigated and searched the website. Content assessment and strategy were aligned to the experience.
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