Challenge: Multiple business unit stakeholders were non-aligned at kick-off with corporate divisional financial ownership and sign-off.  Significant rounds of research and strategy had to be provided from detailed analysis to C-Suite summary recommendations. Vanity sites were non-unified in messaging and heavily product and service segmented while research reflected goal orientated patterns in browsing and searching.
Role: Experience/UX Architect Team Lead
“Josh brought a tremendous amount of expertise to this project. The client was attempting to overhaul and consolidate existing web properties for five businesses. This meant coming up with logical navigation schemas that were both user centric but also supported the nuanced differences in information between the businesses. Josh was able to structure a plan for creating a new R1 architecture through focused user research and collaborative workshops with the client. This plan was thorough and thoughtfully sequenced.

I was extremely impressed with Josh's work on the research in particular. He was able to use hundreds of existing research documents to get a firm foundation in this client's business, and he also developed a strong working relationship with the client's internal research team. This earned the clients trust and buy in for conducting additional research activities.

He effectively coordinated designers, Prudential researchers, senior stakeholders and a 3rd party vendor to reach this outcome. I also thought Josh did good work in client workshop sessions. He was able to clearly articulate his methodology and facilitate discussions that were valuable to both the client in articulating their objectives and aligning on approach, as well as for the quality of the IA research activities.”
- P. Mouser, Project Manager
     1. Stakeholder Interviews
     2. Personas
     3. Content Audit
     4. Marketing and Site Metrics Evaluation
     5. Card Sort prep, polling
     6. Card Sort Quantitative Analysis
     7. Site Map (Preliminary IA) with business stakeholder socialization
     8. Wireframe Prototype User Testing and Analysis
     9. Wireframes with stakeholder alignment
     10. Navigation/Wireframe Modeling with stakeholder feedback
     11. Finalize Site Map
     12. Finalize Wireframes and socialize
     13. Interaction Patterns/Guidelines
     14. Visual Design Frameworks
Delivered:  A phased, four tier experience architecture for customers, advisors, employers and institutions with identified user-centric goals for the design framework. This included deep qualitative and quantitative research with “north-star” content strategy direction from both extensive discovery and validation user research.
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